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Last updated on April 2021

Registration Dates

Registrations begin on March 1, 2021Registrations end on May 31, 2021

Payments / Fees / Refunds

Registration payments must be made via Korean Won wire transfers. Please indicate the Student ID on the transaction and keep a copy of the wire transfer receipt. All registrations without confirmed payment are deleted 48 hours after invoices are sent. 

Bank Details:

Hana Bank


Seoul Foreign School 

All registration change requests are made based on availability and are processed as new registrations and placed at the end of the daily queue. 10,000 KRW fee will be applied to replace Student ID cards. All payments are 100% refundable until April 30th, 2021. 70,000 KRW fee will be applied per session for class changes starting May 1st, 2021. All payments are non-refundable starting May 1st, 2021. Should you require a refund after April 30th, you may only receive credit based on the initial payment amount for use towards Camp SFS 2021 or future camps.  This policy is in place to ensure that supplies can be purchased and teachers are properly compensated for sacrificing their time to instruct students over the summer. Cancellations by Camp SFS are 100% refundable. Should you request a refund due to illness or injury, a written doctor’s note will be required stating that your student is physically incapable of participating in all camp activities. A student that has attended at least four days of a session is ineligible for a refund. Please note that the external student registration fee is a non-refundable fee. 

Medical Forms / Special Needs

Medical History and Immunization Records will be gathered during the registration process online. Please note that Report of Medical Examination Form must be conducted individually and submitted during registration. If your child takes medication, please also submit the Medication Authorization Form during registration. 

To ensure the safety of all students and staff at camp, all testing must be completed by a licensed and certified clinic capable of performing tests completely and accurately. If any health forms submitted are from uncertified clinics or filled out dishonestly, the clinic will be reported to the Ministry of Health and Welfare (보건복지부) and legal actions may be taken against the offending parties. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to communicate any special concerns or required accommodations for a student. Disclosure of these needs allow camp staff to properly prepare and provide the safest experience for your student. Failure to fully disclose all issues may result in a student being withdrawn from the program for their safety. Students registering from overseas are recommended to perform their medical checks by a pediatrician once in Korea, as some required examinations are either costly or not offered in some countries. Health forms filled out in 2020 for External Students will be accepted for Camp SFS 2021. Students may be required to receive additional testing if the health form is not up to Camp SFS health standards. 

Report of Medical Examination Form (For New SFS Students & New External Students)

Medication Authorization Form: All prescription and over-the-counter medication requires a Medication Authorization Form to be signed by a physician and parent. This form must accompany the medication when it is checked in by the student or parent to the SFS Health Office. All medications need complete instructions for its administration. Instructions need to be written on the medication container with a list of possible side effects obtained from your doctor and/or pharmacist.

Weather & Air Quality

During excessively hot weather and bad air quality, daily schedule and activities may be modified to provide alternatives better suited for each grade level.

Supervision / Absences

All students on campus during Camp SFS hours must be registered for camp. Seoul Foreign School Camp SFS is not responsible for the supervision of students before or after the summer camp hours of 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Notify Camp SFS Office if your child is going to be absent. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to alert Camp SFS of unforeseen absences. 

Check-In / Check-Out

Drop-off time for ES students is from 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM. Students will not be permitted to attend Camp SFS for the day if they arrive later than 9:30 AM to prevent the disruption of camp operations and class.

MS/HS students should be dropped off 15 minutes before the start of their class and check in at the Camp SFS Office. MS/HS students will not be permitted to attend Camp SFS for the day if they arrive 10 or more minutes late to class. Students will be provided ID cards that allow them to check-in and check-out. Should a student arrive late, check in will be at the Camp SFS Office. All students MUST check-in and check-out with a Camp SFS Manager or bus supervisor daily. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they check-in and check-out. Failure to check-in or check-out will result in one strike in the Camp SFS Three Strike Policy.

Sibling Pick Up / Early Dismissal

Designated parent/guardian needs to notify Camp SFS Office ahead of time to give Counselors time to prepare students for pickup via email. All early pickups are to be made at the Camp SFS Office before 2:00 PM. Parents must notify the Camp SFS office to give consent for students to pick-up younger siblings or to leave campus unaccompanied. Grade 6 - Grade 12 students are required to fill out the Early Dismissal Permission Form, signed by their parent/guardian in order to leave campus prior to 3:00 PM.

Lunch / Snacks

During Camp, nut-free lunch and snacks are provided for all students. For the safety of all students, there is a strict no sharing policy when it comes to food. This is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to promote good hygiene practices. Food and snacks may come from facilities that process nuts, milk, seafood, or gluten. Should your student require special dietary requirements, a packed lunch and snacks may be brought to camp with approval from the Camp SFS Office. Please ensure that food brought from home is packed in a plastic container. However, if your student does not require any dietary restrictions, we ask that you refrain from bringing food from home. Food must be eaten in the cafeteria or designated locations only, and refrigeration is not available. 

Birthdays (ES Students only)

Should your child have a birthday during camp, food may be brought from home to celebrate with approval from the Camp SFS Office. Food brought from home must not contain nuts and be pre-cut or be available in singular servings for distribution. In addition, please ensure that at least 22 servings are brought to share amongst your student’s class. Drinks may not be brought for sharing.

Personal Items

Do not send valuables to camp, including toys. Camp SFS is not responsible for broken or lost items. Mark the student’s name and ID number on all belongings. Lost and found items will be kept for one week before they are donated.

Dress Code

The Camp SFS Dress Code is in place to help create and contribute to a community atmosphere that is focused on learning in a school with students of varied ages. Students should dress in a manner that is appropriate, as detailed below: 

  • All aspects of dress should be neat, clean and modest

  • No offensive printing or offensive pictures are allowed, including references to drugs or inappropriate language

  • Tops must fit properly with a modest neckline

  • Pants should fit so that undergarments and bare skin are not visible

  • Safe footwear must be worn at all times; no open-toed footwear

Student Behavior Expectations / Three Strike Policy

Students are expected to follow the instruction of teachers and staff during Camp SFS operation. In addition, students should act respectfully while on campus and the school bus, take responsibility for their actions, be honest and caring in their relationships with others, speak only  English unless instructed otherwise, and speak with staff regarding any uncomfortable experiences while in camp. 


Three Strike Policy: Camp SFS operates using a strict three strike policy, wherein ES students who receive three strikes will be withdrawn from the program. Students who do not remedy behavior and are withdrawn from the program as a result of the Three Strike Policy are not entitled to a refund. All students are expected to be fully potty trained when registering for Camp SFS. Students who soil themselves will receive a strike towards the Three Strike Policy. We recognize that accidents do happen for younger students, as such we ask that parents pack extra clothing in the event that this happens.

Throughout the duration of Camp SFS, the High School 1st floor will be undergoing construction. As such, the main staircase in the High School building will be blocked off. Using this staircase will be considered a violation of the behavioral expectations.

Discipline Procedures

Camp SFS reserves the right to withdraw student registration in the event of continuous unacceptable or disruptive behavior. Should a student be withdrawn from the program due to behavior issues, NO refund will be provided. All misbehavior may result in a student receiving a strike towards the Three Strike Policy.

Examples of Unacceptable Behavior:

  • Refusing to follow student behavior expectations

  • Using profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity

  • Stealing or damaging property, both personal and/or SFS 

  • Refusing to participate in activities or cooperate with staff

  • Disrupting a program/class

  • Leaving a program/class without permission

  • Endangering the health and/or safety of students and/or staff, including oneself

  • Use of illicit drugs, alcohol, vaping or tobacco

  • Sexual conduct of any kind

  • Teasing, making fun or bullying of other students or staff

  • Fighting or violence of any kind

  • Usage of electronic devices during camp hours (ES) or class hours (MS/HS) without permission

  • Failure to wear masks properly

  • Removing snacks from the HS Cafeteria

Camp SFS will take the following steps to discipline students: (1) Remind student of behavioral expectations and direct student towards more acceptable behavior. (2) If inappropriate behavior continues, student will be reminded of behavior expectations, and parents will be notified of misbehavior. (3) If inappropriate behavior continues a third time, parents will be contacted and student may be withdrawn from camp. 


School Bus Student Expectations

Students are expected to adhere to the student behavior expectations when on the bus to and from camp. In addition, students must adhere to the bus behavior policy, which includes;

  • Enter the bus and take assigned seats in a timely fashion.

  • Students must remain in his/her assigned seat with seat belts securely fastened.

  • May only disembark from the bus at the appropriate stop.

  • Keep arms, legs, and other body parts inside the bus.

  • May not throw items or objects out of the bus windows or doors.

  • May not eat or drink while on the bus.

  • No prohibited items such as weapons, lighters, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

  • Students must follow the bus supervisor and bus driver’s instructions.

  • Refrain from distracting the bus driver or disturbing other riders.


School Bus Breakdown Procedure / Extended Traffic Delay Procedure

The camp buses are extremely dependable and well maintained. However, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, the camp transportation office will be contacted and a replacement bus will be dispatched as soon as possible.  Students are to remain with the bus driver and/or bus supervisor until instructed otherwise. During the morning bus route, the bus supervisor will catch a taxi and notify students at each stop of the new pick-up time. During the afternoon bus route, the school will contact parents with updates and new estimated drop-off times. Should there be a delay due to traffic of 30 minutes or more, the school will notify parents of the situation and provide estimated times for pick-up or drop-off.

Ticket System (ES Students only)

Each week, tickets will be distributed to students based on their behavior and achievements. Students can earn tickets through games, listening to their counselors, or exhibiting good behavior. At the end of each camp week, students can redeem their tickets for prizes. When students redeem their tickets, they will be directed towards the prize room by their counselors. Students may not play with their prizes until after Camp has ended for the day. If students purchase candy, they may eat it, though they are responsible for throwing away any trash. All tickets earned by students will be collected and entered automatically into a prize raffle. Tickets earned by students in any week will not be taken away as punishment, regardless of misconduct.  Students should write their names on their tickets for the raffle. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their tickets. In the event that a student loses their tickets, tickets will be replaced at a penalty. 

Photograph Release / Take-Home Photos

During Camp SFS operations, photographs, videos, and/or voice recordings of students may be taken for promoting purposes. Should you wish to decline, please notify the Camp SFS Office by filling out the Media Release Form and submitting it during registration.


ES students will be receiving two photographs a week to take home: one individual action shot and one group photo. Group photos will be taken on photo-day every week. Please make sure that your child is present that day. No retakes will be taken.