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Last updated on November 2020

Pre-Camp Screenings

All students must submit a Report of Medical Examination Form, Immunization history, and information on pre-existing illnesses, if applicable. External students who submitted these forms for Camp SFS 2020 that were conducted in 2020 are exempt from submitting them for Camp SFS 2021. Camp SFS reserves the right to not admit students who may pose potential health risks to other students. All staff (Teachers, Counselors, Managers, Health Office Nurse/EMT’s, Bus Transportation Staff, Food Service Staff, Guards, Cleaning Staff, etc.) and students must conduct temperature checks at home prior to coming to camp in the morning via the Camp SFS Temperature app. Those who do not submit a temperature through the app each morning will not be permitted on campus. Throughout the day, additional temperature checks will be made with non-contact thermometers and thermographic cameras. Any individual with a temperature reading of 37.5°C or higher will be asked to leave campus immediately and will not be permitted back on campus until fever-free without medication for 3 consecutive days. Students at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness should consult a physician and not attend camp until cleared by a physician. Those with the following conditions are at a higher risk; Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, COPD, Heart Conditions, Immunocompromised state, Obesity, Sickle Cell Disease, Smoking, Vaping, Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Cerebrovascular Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, Neurologic Conditions, Liver Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, or Thalassemia.

Fever Policy

Students who display temperature readings of 37.5°C or higher will be required to be picked up from the Heath Office for further assessment. If a student persists to have a high temperature reading they will be required to be picked up from the Health Office as soon as possible. Students will not be allowed to take the school bus home. If parents are unable to collect their child within an hour of notification from the Health Office, alternative arrangements must be made. Students who were sent home due to fever must be fever-free without medication for 24 hours before returning to camp.


Sickness Symptoms

If students shows COVID-19 symptoms such as but not limited to coughing, sore throat, or runny nose, they will be directed to the Health Office for further assessment. Should the Health Office come to the decision that the student must be sent home, parents will be contacted and will be expected to pick up their child within the hour. All students who were sent home due to sickness symptoms must be symptom-free without medication before returning to camp.

Travel Policy

Students and staff who have travelled to external countries will not be permitted to join camp until they have conducted their two week quarantine as mandated by the Korean Government. All students and staff will be required to submit documentation indicating their last entry date into South Korea. Students and staff attending Camp SFS Session 1 who have also been in attendance for the last week of school will not be required to submit these documents. 

Social Distancing

Anyone joining camp must practice safe social distancing two weeks prior to the attending session. Individuals should avoid all large group gatherings and avoid areas of high density. Should it be discovered that any student or staff member willfully engaged in actions that would expose them to COVID 19, they will be removed from camp and banned from joining in any future sessions. All parents/guardians must practice safe social distancing at pick up and drop off. 

Mask Policy

All students and staff must wear masks at all times and may not converse with each other or speak when they are not wearing masks, on campus and on the school bus. All parents/guardians will be required to wear masks while on campus. 

All students must wear masks at all times that are acceptable by Camp SFS standards: MDFS-approved health masks/respirators (KF-80, KF-94, KF-99, N-95), anti droplet masks (KF-AD), or dental masks are recommended, although cloth masks or disposable masks that completely cover both mouth and nose are also acceptable. Mesh masks, valved masks, scarves, clothing, food sanitation spit guard covering on the mouth, wearing mask over the chin or neck, or partial masking with either nose or mouth exposed will NOT be accepted as masking for the purpose of infectious disease prevention. Students may not converse with each other when not wearing masks. While wearing masks, students should avoid touching their face and mask, and wash their hands often.

Restricted Campus Entry

Guards will patrol and monitor camp 24/7 to ensure that ONLY registered SFS faculty and families are on campus. Registered cars will be permitted on campus only during designated pick up and drop off times. 


Food Service

Students will be required to wash hands before entering the cafeteria. Students and staff may not share food under any circumstances. Students will be directed to sit socially distanced during lunch. All cafeteria staff will be equipped with gloves and masks and will be required to wear them while handling food or interacting with students. 


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