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I am not an SFS student, can I register?

Yes, Camp SFS is open to all students. Please refer to the Eligibility Page for information regarding registration requirements.

Do the students wear school uniform?

No, students are not required to wear school uniforms to Camp SFS, as long as they wear weather appropriate attire that is suitable to participate in daily activities. Middle and High School students are expected to wear school appropriate attire for all Camp SFS activities. Please refer to the Policy Page for further details regarding dress code.

Is lunch provided?

Yes, students are provided with lunch and snacks during designated times. Please refer to the Lunch and Snack PDF found in the Programs Page for detailed menu information.

Is SFS a nut-free campus?

Yes, SFS is a nut free campus. For students who are allergic to things other than nuts, please notify Camp SFS at time of registration and check that the Health Office is aware of all medical concerns.

Are school bus services available?

Yes, school bus services are available across Seoul. Please refer to the Bus Routes Page for further details. *Note: Sign ups for bus routes occurs during registration.

Can students change classes?

Yes, with confirmed consent from a parent/guardian, students may change classes. There are no additional fees for class/session changes prior to 30 April 2021. Starting 30 April 2021, a 70,000 KRW fee will be applied per session. All registration change requests are made based on availability. All payments must be made within 48 hours. Any payments lost due to withdrawal from program will be contributed to Camp SFS. Please refer to the Policy Page for further information.

What happens if a student is sick or injured?

If a student's sickness or injury is identified during Camp SFS hours (08:30-15:00), the student will be directed to the Health Office. The Health Office will then determine the state of the student and do one of three options: 1. Return the student to camp activities 2. Call a parent/guardian for pick-up 3. Call an ambulance for the student to be transported to Severance Hospital ER. Please refer to our Policy Page for further information.

Who are the staff?

Camp SFS employs staff both internally and externally from the SFS community. All instructors have a teaching certificate/license or have had at least 2 years of teaching experience at an accredited school. All managers and counselors are college and high school graduates who have experience working with children. Please refer to our Staff Page for further details.

What types of payments do you accept?

Camp SFS only accepts wire transfers to: Hana Bank 230-910007-34005 서울외국인학교 (Seoul Foreign School)

Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, registrations can be cancelled at any time. Please refer to the following dates: Early Bird Registration: March 1st - April 4th Regular Registration: April 5th - May 31st 100% Refund: March 1st - April 30th 100% Credit: May 1st - May 31st Waiting List Registration: June 1st - July 5th Any payments lost due to withdrawal from a program will be contributed to the Camp SFS. Please refer to our Policy Page for further information.

Will there be lifeguards available?

Yes, students will only be allowed in the pool when a certified lifeguard is on duty.

I'm waitlisted. What happens now?

Once Camp SFS has reached maximum capacity, students will be placed on a waitlist. We will notify parents via email should an opening at camp become available. Parents who registered during the waitlist registration window (June 1st - July 5th) will have to pay an addition 70,000 KRW fee for late registration. Please refer to the Policy Page for further information.

What are the COVID-19 safety precautions for Camp SFS?

The Camp SFS Program has been designed and planned to ensure the safety of all students and staff. We have put in place multiple screening measures in order to keep camp COVID-19 free. Our Camp SFS Summer 2020 went to completion without incident. Please refer to our COVID-19 Page for further details.

When are registration fees due?

Registration fees are due 48 hours after an invoice has been sent by the Camp SFS Team. Should the Camp SFS Team not receive a payment, your registration will be deleted.

When do I find out about my child's enrollment status?

Enrollment for Camp SFS is on a rolling basis.

What are the session dates of Camp SFS?

Session 1: June 14-18 Session 2: June 21-25 Session 3: June 28-July 2 Session 4: July 5-9 Session 5: July 12-16 Session 6: July 19-23 Session 7: July 26-30