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About EMD Debate

EMD Debate is a debate club that creates conditions for which students can engage in critical thinking, maintain a balanced perspective, and communicate with mutual respect. We create atmospheres where students are rewarded for practicing virtuous attitudes like trust, appreciation and tolerance in the debate rounds. 

EMD Debate at Camp SFS 

EMD Deep Dive features one motion for each week where students will learn, from start to finish, how to prepare and complete a debate round. Throughout the weeks, students learn what the opposing teams need to debate out, stimulate how that conversation will pan out and actually engage in debate rounds to further distill their thinking process. The topics are debatable in nature, and pertain to critical issues. It is our belief that exposure to various spectrum on these topics is the best way to learn, grow and inform. EMD is putting emphasis back on "respect" as it is the foundation for all intellectual discourse.

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