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Gen.G Esports is the foremost esports organization to create a global esports network, connecting the U.S. and Asia. Ranked #6 in the 2019 Forbes list of the world's most valuable esports companies, Gen.G is the only major organization that owns and operates top teams, winners of 7 global championships to date:

  • Seoul Dynasty franchise of the Overwatch League

  • 2014 and 2017 League of Legends world champions in South Korea

  • World's top all-female Fortnite team in Los Angeles

  • NBA 2K League's historic expansion franchise in Shanghai

Gen.G Esports is also the first major company to fully invest in esports education, committing to the mission of "helping young people get ahead through games." Through initiatives such as the Gen.G Elite Esports Academy, the first accredited international scholastic esports program and collegiate partnerships with influential institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Gen.G is at the forefront of paving opportunities for youth to use their passion for gaming and esports to pursue successful futures.

Gen.G Esports at Camp SFS 

As an esports organization with a global partnership network spanning multiple industries, Gen.G Esports is uniquely positioned to provide innovative courses that provide knowledge and insight only possible from an industry leader. Both billion dollar industries, gaming and esports are represented by thousands of companies with hundreds of thousands of jobs, but these numbers are only a fraction of what is projected as both industries experience explosive growth. Thus, courses at Camp SFS are designed to utilize interest in gaming as a launchpad to discover other important subjects and the multitude of relevant opportunities available worldwide.

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