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About Quantum Basketball 

Quantum believes in the positive transformative power basketball can have on an individual and a community.  Our mission it to enhance Korean basketball through professional and high quality basketball skills training, and spearhead the expansion of Korean basketball on the global stage. 

Basketball can provide personal growth and valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, hard work, perseverance, dedication, patience, and sacrifice.

We hope to be the vehicle that can help players transfer the lessons from

a game of basketball into daily lives.

With a coaching staff with pro experience, we are always experimenting to develop the most effective and beneficial training methods for our athletes. 

Quantum at Camp SFS 

Quantum's curriculum consists of basketball skill composing elements, ball handling (dribble sets), and practice drills. The content and the progression time may vary by each player's proficiency. However, our goal is to help players to incorporate the skill sets they learned in a game situation. The education is element-based which is different from the traditional Korean basketball education. Thus, SFS students will have the opportunity to not only learn the skills, but also learn to change their mind set about the game of basketball. 

Seoul Foreign School is not affiliated in any way with Quantum 

or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.


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