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  1. Register your child by clicking the 'Register' button below.
  2. Once your child's registration is submitted, a 'Registration Confirmation' email will be sent to you. (You may receive this email even if you have incomplete forms.)
  3. Registrations will be reviewed and families will be contacted if there are missing documents.
  4. Registrations with all documents and forms received by the Camp SFS Office will be processed based on time of submission and an invoice email will be sent for payment.
  5. Registrations are processed as individual students not by families, as such payments must be made individually. To secure your child's spot for the classes listed in the invoice, we advise families to pay within the payment due date noted on each invoice.
  6. Should a waitlisted class or session on your child's invoice become available, we will send you an updated invoice.
  7. Registrations will be voided if no payment has been made by the payment due date indicated on the invoice.
  8. After payment confirmation, we will send you a 'You're In!' email indicating that your child has been enrolled into Camp SFS.