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RTS brings nearly two decades of experience in after-school academic enrichment for international school students ranging from elementary school to high school level. At the heart of its philosophy is a belief that chief impediments to literacy are not cognitive in nature but rather motivation-driven; RTS values building relationships to stimulate students' intrinsic love of learning all the while delivering student-centered strategies to achieve effective results. As a team of industry experts grounded in a nuanced understanding of unique contexts and backgrounds, RTS aims to extend learning outside of the classroom and make it more engrained in a self-guided process to help students advance as lifelong learners. 

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Camp SFS 2019 

School learning has always remained independent from what students were taught at RTS. Our philosophy is to inspire and nurture, while empowering students to internalize the big picture and be ready for the future. 

This summer, our classes at Camp SFS have been specially designed to foster skills in writing and critical reading, encourage analytical thinking and effective communication.  Rising sixth to twelfth graders will have the opportunity to explore full breadth of classes from Summer Reading to SAT Workshops soundly balanced with myriad physical activities.

Classes offered: 

  • Essay Writing

  • Reading

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • World Literature and History

  • SAT 10

  • SAT 11/12

  • ACT


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